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Tobias Richter (The Light Works) – HALCYON – ALIEN – NARCISSUS

This piece was originally shown here on Modelers Miniatures & Magic back on February 16, 2009 and now updated to today’s showing standard!

This is the escape capsule, NARCISSUS, which Ripley used to ...

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David Forier’s CONESTOGA at Generosity Station

In this diorama, we see the Conestoga docked at Generosity Station...

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HALCYON Nostromo from ALIEN by Steve Carricato

Here is another commission build of the Alien Nostromo Halcyon kit. I weathered it and used washes and pastels. It’s now in the James Whitman collection. I hope you like it.
Steve Carricato

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HALCYON 1/2400 SULACO by Dirk Karsten

The Sulaco is named after a fictional town in Joseph Conrad’s novel Nostromo, which is also the name of the ship from the original Alien...

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Christopher Olson’s 1/2400 Halcyon SULACO from ALIENS

Here is my Halcyon 1/2400 scale Sulaco model...

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The Halcyon Studio Scale Narcissus by Dae Choi

Artist Dae Choi is back.. and better than ever with this build of the Halcyon kit… the NARCISSUS from ALIEN! I have been told that this kit is studio scale!

IMG_8102 (2)



IMG_8097 (2)

IMG_8088 (2)


Dae Choi

To contact this artist dir...

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1:35 APC by Trevor Alderson

Artist Trevor Alderson returns with this great build of the Marines APC from ALIENS!!

Trevor Alderson here. These are the photos of my latest model, the 1/35 scale APC from Aliens made by Halcyon...

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ALIENS – 1:2400 SULACO by Ian Lawrence

ALIENS is one of the best science fiction films of all time in my humble opinion. The Sulaco is one of those model designs that one either loves, or hates. I for one love it! Shown here today is U.K...

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10 Inch APC by E. James Small

Famed artist E. James Small is back with this magnificent Halcyon APC kit build… and some amazing photography!

The APC is done...

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Dropship & APC built by Ian Lawrence

Professional Modeler Ian Lawrence…....

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